Tuesday, April 22, 2008

look outside, the raincoats gone, say oh!

I love Vampire Weekend. I wish I had the cash to go to Coachella! The line up includes Kate Nash, Cold War Kids, Goldfrapp, I think maybe even PRINCE??! Yeah love him. And love pretty much their whole line up. Are any of you going to a music festival this weekend?!?! If so, I'm insanely jealous.

This dress I just kinda found in my house when I was cleaning it. The necklace is very modest and almost nun-like. It kinda reminded me of Chloe Sevigny's Opening Ceremony clothing line- which I like to call, "nun chic" (in a good way of course). Except my dress was def not as great as any of her clothes.. sigh

I think I may be addicted to florals... this skirt is United Colors of Benetton and I love it, its kinda see thru though.


Please Note: I did not wear any of these outfits outside. Therefore, I did not accessorize, or wear shoes. Also, I am slightly afraid of wearing these things to school. It seems like I'm always struggling between the choices of a) dressing like everyone else (skinnies, tanks, cardigans, flats, blah) because it's not like anyone's gonna care/judge me/call me "unoriginal" and sometimes I just feel like being comfy, or b) actually taking "risks" (which for me are probably things you guys wear everyday) and risk being um stared at. (I am terribly shy when it comes to people staring at me. Hate it.) I dunno. It's a slight inner struggle I just had to share, haha.

UGH, my camera's being such a bitch and taking really bad blurry pictures! Sorry about that. It's like the sun light or something... weird.
my current inspirations- Chloe Sevigny's Opening Ceremony- love the florals and how she gives them an edgier feel.

Oh and I was tagged by Suburban Style


1. I have gone to a couple parties but I am secretly more of a homebody. On weekends I love to bake, though usually it's from a cooking mix, and make collages, watch DVD's, hang with a friend, read... I guess you could say I'm pretty laid back (or lame, you choose).

2. Sometimes I find myself thinking about sex at the most inopportune times (for example, during a class lecture... awkward much?!!)

3. I have about twenty unfinished stories on my computer. I love to write fiction, I just can't seem to get past the first 10-20 pages.

4. I hate repeating outfits and I try to make each one different, even if it's only a slightly different accessory.

5. I listen to a lottt of random mismatched music, from The Beatles to Lil Wayne to Beirut to Bob Dylan to jazz. And I'm diggin Diana Ross and the Supremes.

6. I can't realistically picture myself as an adult or even driving a car, mostly because I am horribly absentminded and irresponsible at times :/ I usually don't think twice before I do (or say) things.

Ha, I don't feel like tagging anyone so I'll just tag all of you! Just do this, you don't even have to link me. It's kind of liberating letting the whole world see all your stupid confessions.


Stephanie said...

I like both outfits! Maybe try road-testing one by wearing it outside (but not to school) with a pair of sunglasses so you don't feel too self conscious? It's worked for me before..

Andy said...

I like floral stuff too.
I added something new, check it, comment it. yeah.

Belle said...

don't be afraid with your outfits! half the fun of wearing them is the reaction; fashion is supposed to be fun so don't be afraid of it. <3

coco said...

I love the dress
so pretty!

Adri said...

Thanks for your lovely comment :-)

I am also always debating whether to dress a little out of the ordinary even though you get stared at. I think Stephanie's idea is the best, roadtest outfits on the weekends until you feel comfortable.

I've been inspired by all the blogs where people seem to live totally beautiful lives. Mine is nothing like that! But occassionally I try and have that for a few hours, I dress up and go for tea at a nice cafe, or go for a picnic. This probably makes me deeply sad, but it's fun, honest!

Lotem said...

ohh I loved the florals :)
Have a good weekend.

Wicked Apple said...

wow that dress is simply beauty!
btw i linked you at my blog ^^

dorian said...

10 or 20 pages is a great piece of short fiction, that's about my favourite reading length!!! So many good pieces like that and with enough you could have a whole book!

My problem is writing plots. Love characters, love scenes, but as soon as something has to tie together... it just ends. So I think I'll purposely write a long story with NO plot. It's so much easier to do as a video!

AY the reason I came on here is, who makes the song with those "look outside the rain coats gone" lyrics?

Anonymous said...

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