Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blahh I want winter to die.

I'm back from hawaii... gahhhh it's so cold and gray and disgusting here! I got to stay home from school today though which was nice. I'm actually supposed to be doing homework now but as you can see that didn't happen hah. anyyywaysss.. Hawaii was pretty fun- we went snorkeling, climbed diamond head, ate tonsss of food, went to the beach, etc. I only saw like ten fashionable people out of the hundreds of people at the waikiki beach, I swear almost everyone there were japanese tourists or old people with sunspots or people wearing their leis and aloha gear... ag.

but it was fun.

before I left I went to the mall/target for a few hours w/ peeps and got my first pair of "colored" skinnies from f21 (I was kinda hesitant cause their stuff is really cheaply made but they were only $20) + a tee shirt from target.

I know it's nothing groundbreaking - but cool ideas are appreciated
love elle


Andy said...

I knowww. winter is so boring! :( i want to see the sunnn. well. nice jeans. simple but nice.

Wendy said...

I concur, I wish winter would just leave. I have so many ideas for the upcoming spring! And glad you got gray jeans, they are really versatile.

Andy said...

New on my blog
comment it :-)

Andy said...

I really agree with the "boxy" shoulders. hahaha.

Molly ;) said...

luckily this weekend here in england we're predicted 20degrees! Which is pretty amazing after the ice cold weather we've been having lately.
The T-shirt is really nice, and i have some very similar jeans!
They're really versatile, and i wear mine all the time.
Link exchange?
Molly xo.

Sammie said...

i like the grey jeans. i think they'd look great with something really really obnoxiously bright or some crazyass pattern.

Adele said...

wow i so totally loove those jeans!! im looking for some the same :) and i think they will look great with the top! Hawaii! looks lovely there!x

a side order of style said...

sweet tee, i know this was posted a while ago. but its still winter-esque in toronto and i would pay anyone to kill it.