Monday, January 21, 2008

So I have no life this weekend..

gah I woke up late today from hanging with my friend last night- now i'm just being a fat ass lazing around the house watching Tyra. haha god. and now im blogging... again.

yesterday while cleaning out my closet I found this dress I swear I've had since I was like eleven.. my friends mom made it.. and i just started randomly taking pictures..aha whatever

And I was thinking I could wear it w/ these boots.haha idk

I also found this express houndstooth dress my grandma got me that I have NO idea what to wear with or if I should even wear it- it's really long and I have never worn high-waisted anything in my life before, but I decided to attempt it (and most likely failed) but here goes...



gracie said...

ooh i love that blue dress, but i'd cinch it in a bit more!
and that skirt is cute...maybe cut it shorter though to look more modern?
ah idk :)

Wendy said...

The first dress is perfection for spring, lucky you! I wish my friends' moms could make one for me. The floral pattern is so sweet. And wearing them with those frye boots should be very romantic.