Saturday, March 22, 2008

easter/candy colors, haha.

So today I was inspired by Easter eggs (lmfao) and am wearing this:
bootcut jeans from hollister, bubble gum pink cardi from savers, empire waist cami thing from forever 21. not the most original thing ever, but it's so... pastel-y.
later, when I go out to see the minnesota rollergirls (!!!! i'm excited... they're a roller derby btw. yes, i am officially a freak) tonight, i'll just wear my beat up old navy white flats (above). yay :)


MR style said...

your ballerinas are sweet !!! show them on your feets

discothequechic said...

inspiration from easter eggs?
love it!

Adele said...

i loove the bubble gum pink cardigan!!
your so creative! haha
and i WANT those flats!x


i have the same tank as you with the flowers except mine is from abercrombie and fitch

Anonymous said...

i love your pink cardi. remind me of sweets.

Wendy said...

I've always liked looking at the details on easter eggs!