Thursday, March 20, 2008

too sick for originality.

I'm so sick right now I had to come home early from school yesterday and I haven't left the house at all today :( it reallllly sucks! but I've just been resting and being a lazy bum all day. I did a lot of magazine whoring. I noticed Jesse Kamm in both nylon and teenvogue. I loved this button 50s-style dress but I can't find it on the web. Her bow tie and button 'sack dresses' are quite cute though. I've always been a fan of a "boyish silhouette" and slightly surreal details.

And anyone else wanna see Paranoid Park?

Okay- i'm having another coughing fit- hopefully I'll get better soon and go shopping so I can post some decent pictures, no?


leah. said...

Love your fashion sense,
yeah i i saw that bow dress in teen vogue, i think that forever 21 tried to make a shirt that looked like that hah.

well hope you feel better

Wendy said...

The bow dress is adorable!

Nay'Chelle said...

I saw that bow dress in Teen Vogue too. Nice Blog.

Oh, and I'm an extra in Paranoid Park!! (that is, if my part wasn't edited out)


wow i lvoe those dresses! they had something just like the second dress at H&M, but it definityl was not as cute!

Adele said...

Nicce... My fav is the bow one :) I remember seeing the trailer for paranoid park and thinking it looked reallyyy good but gonna sound stupid I don't member what its about haha!

gracie said...

ooh i love that button dress!
i'll have to see if i can diy it....

aficionada said...

Great dresses, I love the bow one best ♥
ps: feel better I have a cough too it sucks :(

Danz said...

I love buttons and bows so therefore I love these dresses :)

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